Voice Service Migrating

Vivox's Free Virtual World Voice Service, will be migrating their service ( from one data center to another. We do expect Vivox services to be sporadically unavailable during this transition. However, we would like to thank Vivox for providing free voice service for our grid.

Groups to join

We have created several groups to share information inworld. Both of the are free to join. VLV Info Get the latest information about the things happening in VLV. If you provide any content to the VLV you are welcome to announce your events here. Just ask one of the Group Managers. Keep in mind that this is PG content only! VLV Grid This is the [...] Read more

Regular Grid Downtime

We have scheduled a regular restart time for the grid. We will restart the grid every Monday at 04:00 AM PST. 7:00 AM Eastern Time (EST) 13:00 h European Time (MESZ). Expect the grid to be down for 60 minutes.